Croatian Association of Occupational Therapy organized 2 practical workshops from 8.6 – 12.6.2016. in Zagreb:
– Program Learn to play
– ChIPPA – The Child Initiated Pretend Play Assessment.
Participating in the two day workshop “Learn to play: How to understand the childs occupation of play in pediatric occupational therapy treatment”, participants will developt knowledge developing symbolic play from 18 month to five years and how to use that knowledge in assessment of child abilities of play and implementation of program “Learn how to play”. During the workshop there will be use of theoretical information, case reports, video analysis and training key skills in small groups. The workshop is aimed toward occupational therapist, psychologist, educational-therapist, social pedagogues, teachers, doctors and other professionals that work in the field of pediatrics.
Through three day workshop ” The Child Initiated Pretend Play Assessment” (ChIPPA), participants will be introduced with bacis hypothesis of ChIPPA assessment, keeping notes, the method of scoring and interpretation of the results. The Child Initiated Pretend Play Assessment” (ChIPPA) is standardized assessment which you get an insight into quality of the child ability of independent development of pretended play.