About us

Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists (H.U.R.T.) is a national,  professional association which promotes interests of Occupational Therpists, ethics in occupational therapy profession and quality of occupational therapy services in the Republic of Croatia.

The base of the assocciation is at Radiceva 60, in Zagreb.

Members of H.U.R.T. with their commitment and enthusiasm have had an important role in legal regulation of occupational therapy profession in the Republic of Croatia. Croatian Parliament has on the Parliament session on July 10th enforced the Law on Health professions (Official Gazette 87/09) and occupational therapy for the first time has become a profession regulated by law. In accordance with that Law Croatian chamber of health professionals has been established, and H.U.R.T. was one of the founders of Croatian chamber of health professionals.

H.U.R.T. is succesfuly cooperating with occupational therapists in European countries and continuously organizing educational activities for it's members. Also, H.U.R.T. has succesful cooperation with associations of allied health professions in the Republic of Croatia.

From September 2006. H.U.R.T. is a member of COTEC, and from May 2010. an associate member of WFOTand from June 2011 and an associate member of ENOTHE. In March 2010. H.U.R.T has succesfully organized 52nd COTEC meeting in Zagreb.

Bodies of  H.U.R.T.

Council is the highest body of H.U.R.T. and is consisted of all the regular members. The Council convenes at the beginning of every year. Every four years the Council convenes for elections.

The Main Board directs H.U.R.T.'s activities, implements decisions, conclusions and policies of the Council to which it is responsible.

The president of H.U.R.T. is also president of the Main Board. Other members are: the honorary secretary, the treasurer, legislation and standards working group coordinator, publishing working group coordinator, marketing working group coordinator, education working group coordinator, international relations working group coordinator, the president of the Board of Ethics, representative of the institutions for higher education in the Republic of Croatia.

The president of H.U.R.T. is elected by the Council for the four years mandate.

The president represents H.U.R.T. in the country, convenes and presides at the meetings of the Council of H.U.R.T., submits reports of the H.U.R.T.'s activities for the past year at the regular Council meetings as well as the report of the H.U.R.T.'s activities for the past two years at the electoral meeting of H.U.R.T., convenes and presides at the meetings of the Main Board, proposes members of the Main Board.

The Board of ethics consists of its president and two regular members of H.U.R.T. He/she propounds the Code of Ethics and its amendments to the Council, codifies the book of disciplinary actions, supervises and promotes ethical principles among Occupational Therapists in the Republic of Croatia and considers complaints of the members of H.U.R.T.

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