Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists is organizing MIRROR THERAPY course in collaboration with eminent physical therapist Mrs. Annegret Hagenberg from Leicester University.

Annegret Hagenberg
finished University of physical therapy in Munich back in 1988. where she specialize in Manual therapy and Bobath therapy for adults (IBITAH) and in 2012. she got her master degree in physical therapy at Coventry University. Same year she started research at Leicester University where she worked at Medicine and Humane Sciences sector and Magnament and Business Departament. Annegret was specially interested in research and teaching CPD courses of Visual Illusion and Mirror therapy.

Mirror therapy was invented by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran to help alleviate the Phantom limb pain, in which patients feel they still have a pain in the limb even after having it amputated.
Ramachandran and Rogers-Ramachandran [2] first devised the technique in an attempt to help those with phantom limb pain resolve what they termed a ‘learned paralysis’ of the painful phantom limb. The visual feedback, from viewing the reflection of the intact limb in place of the phantom limb, made it possible for the patient to perceive movement in the phantom limb. Their hypothesis was that every time the patient attempted to move the paralyzed limb, they received sensory feedback (through vision and Proprioception) that the limb did not move. This feedback stamped itself into the brain circuitry through a process of Hebbian learning, so that, even when the limb was no longer present, the brain had learned that the limb (and subsequent phantom) was paralyzed. To retrain the brain, and thereby eliminate the learned paralysis, Ramachandran and Rogers-Ramachandran created the mirror box.

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KRoTk Clinical Occupational Therapists Competences Dr. Karen Jacobs

Dr Karen Jacobs comes back to us after a successful practical workshop in 2014. The Croatian Occupational Therapists Association organizes a practical, interactive 2-day workshop, from October 23rd to October 24th 2017. During this interactive workshop, practitioners will develop strategies that are used in neuro-rehabilitation, including the use of assistive technology and ICT (especially for developing cognitive abilities), but will refresh & enhance their knowledge in planning and defining goals, setting up an successful intervention, which is relevant to the area of neurorhabilitation, mental health, geronotology.

More info here.

Workshop is accredited by the Croatian Chamber of Health Professionals.

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Hands On workshop – Early intervention – the key to opening up the potential of the child

The Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists organizes a 2-day hands on workshop, October 23rd to 24th, ‘Early Intervention – the Key to opening the Potential of an child’. The course is intended for Occupational therapists and other professionals in physiotherapists, psychologists, doctors, speech therapists, rehabilitators and educators.
The lecturer is Margaret Miller MS, OTR / L, C / NDT, CIMI, NTMTC, CNT (USA), a Occupational therapist with more than 35 years of work experience in intensive neonatal care department, pediatric intensive care unit, general pediatrics department and over 10 years experience in multidisciplinary clinic for children with nutrition and development difficulties.
behavioral foundations in he workshop, participants will be introduced to the neurobehavioral development in newborns, infants and young children with emphasis on neurobiological disorganization of newborns, evidence-based evaluation and intervention strategies, including evaluation, direct clinical treatment, and methods and techniques that complement the intervention.

You can read more about the practical workshop here.

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Hands on workshop – Creativity, Danish approach and laughter therapy in mental health

The Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists organizes a one day hands on workshop – Creativity, Danish Approach Hyggea and Therapy with Laughter in Mental Health’ on October 24 2017. The course is intended for occupational therapists and other specialists in psychology, physicians, speech therapists, rehabilitators and others.
Lecturers are long-time associate of the Croatian Association of Workers Therapists, mrs Alice Hortop and Dr. Susan Burwash.During the hands on workshop, the participants will be introduced to the basics of the application of positive psychology, Danish hygge approach, evaluation of impaired mental health through the use of creative techniques and other methods and techniques that strengthen the therapeutic intervention in mental health.
More about workshop you can find out here.

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