June 5th 2016. in Zagreb Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists organized a lecture for occupational therapist, physiotherapist and other professionals with topic Occupational therapy approach of Ayres Sensory Integration therapy®. Lecturers Davor Duić, bacc.therap.occup. and Saša Radić, bacc.therap.occup. defined the concept of sensory integration as an example of work and practice model, they described typical functioning of sensory system in different periods of development through activities of daily life, named difficulties of sensory processing and explained how to relate difficulties of processing sensory information with challenges in occupational functioning. In addition to the above participants learned how to recognize importance of clinical and professional comprehension, evaluation and treatment applying Ayres Sensory Integration therapy®, recognize basic characteristics of premises and equipment for sensory integration therapy, and to understand role of professional training sensory integration therapists to ensure quality of occupational therapy service through approach and model of sensory integration therapy.